Proposed Deer Management Resolution




WHEREAS, in the 1970s, the number of deer in Ohio was estimated at 17,000, which at the time warranted programs to manage the population; over the past 30 years, the numbers have increased dramatically, and are now estimated at about 750,000 statewide;

WHEREAS, Amberley Village is greatly benefitted by the amount of green space and wildlife, which enhances the quality of life in the Village; The Village consists of approximately 2,240 acres (­3.5 square miles). There are 403 acres of green space including French Park, a City of Cincinnati public park of 257 acres, and Amberley Green, which is an undeveloped Village-owned property of 133 acres;

            WHEREAS, the significant increase in the number of deer in recent years requires that the Village appropriately manage the deer population;

            WHEREAS, in response to numerous complaints relating to property damage from deer activity, Amberley Village first implemented a deer management program in 2007, which has continued to the present time;

            WHEREAS, Council determines that it is in the best interest of the Village and its residents, in order to protect against property damage caused by deer, and danger to human life caused by vehicle accidents with deer, to establish a program to maintain the deer population at a level which is acceptable from a safety and nuisance perspective, as well as to ensure a healthy deer herd and sustainability of other wildlife in the Village;

            WHEREAS, in the spring and summer of 2012, the Village Health, Education, & Welfare Committee conducted informational meetings to assess and address the impact of the White Tail deer presence in Amberley Village, as well as collected information and data from various regional governmental agencies, including the Cincinnati Park Board, the Ohio Division of Wildlife, the City of Wyoming, and the Amberley Village Police Dept. on the issue of deer management;

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE Council of Amberley Village, State of Ohio,       members elected thereto concurring:

            SECTION 1

            (A)       The Village will conduct a deer count by thermal imaging technology every third year beginning in 2013.  In order to control costs, the Village Manager may enter into an agreement to share costs with the City of Cincinnati, which owns and operates French Park within Amberley Village, as both jurisdictions benefit from a reduced deer herd in this area.

            (B)       Village police are permitted to cull up to 50 deer per calendar year without additional approval by Council.  If the Village Police Department determines that, due to increased complaints of property damage or an increase in deer vehicle accidents, a higher number of deer should be culled, the Police Department may make a request to the Health, Education, & Welfare Committee to increase the number of deer culled.

            (C)       Deer culling shall only be conducted by members of the Amberley Village Police Department as authorized by the Police Chief. Culling shall be achieved by trained sharpshooters.

            (D)       Prior to culling, notices shall be posted around the culling area warning persons of the activity, and all culling areas shall be closed to the public. Culling may not be performed on private property without written permission from the owner and a release from legal liability approved by the Solicitor. Any such permission granted shall continue in perpetuity until withdrawn by the owner.

(E)       The management of the deer population shall include a monitoring program which includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

1.         Deer Vehicle Accidents (DVA) -- Amberley Village Police will continue to monitor the number of reported and unreported DVAs occurring within Amberley Village, and will monitor reports of injured deer and deer carcasses collected in the Village. The Village will collect and maintain records of deer vehicle accidents and property damage complaints via an online form accessible on the Village website. Residents may self-report incidents on the web form. Information collected by the Village will be reviewed by the Health, Education, & Welfare Committee once per calendar year in September, in order to assess whether appropriate records are being maintained.

2.         Citizen Complaints – Residential complaints received by the Village will be entered into a database to be utilized in monitoring progress of selected control methods and providing guidance in recommending modifications. Complaints of deer damage or traffic related issues can be made directly to the Administration office or by utilizing the Deer Damage Report on the Village’s website. This information will be provided to Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife personnel.

3.         Harvested Animal Inventory – If required by the Ohio Division of Natural Resources, pertinent data such as sex of deer, age (estimated), and weight should be logged on each animal harvested or removed by other means. Date, time and location should also be included if the information is available.

4.         Public Opinion Surveys –Village staff will establish a form for residents to access online in order to self-report property damage, injured deer sightings, and unreported DVAs.  Additionally, the Health, Education, and Welfare committee will survey residents by any available online survey in order to gauge resident feedback regarding deer management.

5.         All data collected by the Village will be periodically reviewed by the Health, Education, & Welfare committee not less than once per calendar year, commencing in September 2013. Any changes or amendments to the Village deer management program shall be made and brought before Council’s regularly scheduled October meeting, if necessary.

SECTION 2:  The Health, Education & Welfare Committee shall revisit and review this resolution every third year, in the year after the latest deer count, but beginning no later than 2016.

SECTION 3: If any section, paragraph, subsection, clause or provision of this resolution shall be declared by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, such decision shall not affect the validity of this resolution as a whole, or any other part hereof.

SECTION 4: That this resolution shall take effect and be in force at the earliest date allowed by law.

            Passed this ____ day of                                  , 2012.

                                                                        Mayor Byar


Nicole Browder, Clerk of Council

Ordinance Vote:
Moved: _____ Second: _________

Byar                ______
Wolf                ______
Hattenbach      ______
Muething         ______
Bardach           ______
Warren                        ______
Doering           ______

            I, Clerk of Council of Amberley Village, Ohio, certify that on the ____ day of _____________, 20          , the forgoing Resolution was published pursuant to Article IX of the Home Rule Charter by posting true copies of said Resolution at all of the places of public notice as designed by Sec. 31.40(B), Code of Ordinances.

                                                                                    Nicole Browder, Clerk of Council