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Calling All Gardeners!
Spring is upon us and its time to sharpen the tools and start ordering those seeds you’ve been dreaming of all winter. The Amberley Green Garden is staked out with 40 plots and nearly ready to till. All that’s needed now is YOU!
For $50 a growing season (April-November) you will get:
Ä A 9’x15’ garden plot to plant as you desire (with some restrictions)
Ä Access to a garden cart and water
Ä Friendly gardeners with whom to share your expertise (or learn from if you have no expertise of your own)
Ä Access to the Amberley Garden education series

If you are interested, please request that the Amberley Green Garden Welcome Packet be emailed to you by contacting:

Applications will be accepted 3/29-5/1. After that date, gardeners who wish to garden two plots will have the
opportunity to rent an additional plot.

Organic practices will be utilized in the Amberley Green Garden and assistance will be available to anyone who needs it.

         No need to worry about critters!

   The Amberley Green Garden is fenced with 7.5’ a high deer fence. Mr. McGregor can stop worrying about those pesky cottontails

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