Thursday, November 10, 2011


Never once did it cross my mind that I could be the lone woman on Amberley Village council.  It did occur to me, on more than one occasion, that we could end up with seven brand new council members (in which case I would be the only female voice), but somehow, when I thought of it that way, I was still thinking of a gender-less body.  I hadn't been elected, so it was pure speculation.  But, here I am, the only woman representing the citizens of Amberley.  It's more pronounced given that our new Amberley Ad Hoc Budget Task Force consists of fourteen men and one woman.

Which is why I decided to 1) blog about my experiences as a council person and 2) call my blog "A(Lone) Wolf in the Village."  The intent of this blog is to inform the Amberley community of the workings of Village Council from my perspective as the sole female elected official on council.  I hope to let you know of initiatives that I think are important for our residents to be aware of and the numerous volunteer opportunities available to enrich your family's experience living in Amberley.

I'm a new council member, so I'll also be honest about my mistakes and what I learn from them.  I'm excited to begin serving the village and honored to have won the confidence of our residents.

Thanks for reading!

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