Monday, November 28, 2011

Memorial dedication for TWA Flight 128

This post may be a little indulgent, because it is not about the workings of Amberley Village council, but since I won't be sworn in until Wednesday, November 30th, you will just have to indulge me...

On November 20, 1967, tragedy befell the family of Paula and Dr. Fred Wolf, as well as Amberley Village, the small community where they had chosen to raise their family. Paula and Fred were returning from a family visit in Los Angeles when the plane they were travelling on, TWA Flight 128, crashed into the hillside upon its approach to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport.  Fred, along with most of the other passengers and crew on the flight, was killed.  Paula and a handful of other passengers survived, although many were severely injured.

This past Saturday, November 26, 2011, forty-four years after this tragedy, a memorial was dedicated to the victims and survivors of Flight 128, as well as two other similar plane crashes - Flights 694 and 383 - at the Boone County airport.  My husband, Scott, became involved with the group planning the memorial when he first learned of its inception in 2009.  He was instrumental in the choice of a park-like setting for the monument, where families could both play and reflect on their loved ones.  Current council member, Peg Conway, whose seat I will be filling at the end of the month, came with her husband Joe and represented Amberley Village by taking part in the reading of the names of the victims of Flight 128.  If you watch the video, you will also see my son, Freddie -- named after his grandpa Fred -- also participate in the reading of the names, including that of his namesake.

Color Guard at Memorial

                                                         Scott's speech at the dedication

  Reading of the names of Flight 128 victims

                                                   The Memorial Plaque - Flight 128 side


  1. Wow just stumbled upon this site never knew it existed but will be sharing with the family. My Aunt Joan Doran was coming home on leave from the Navy and was amongst the fatalities on this flight

  2. I'm glad you found this post! Sadly, Paula Wolf passed away this April after an 18 month struggle with cancer.

  3. I happened onto this site. Dr. Wolf was my mentor, and friend and a work-out buddy at a health club in Swifton Shopping Center. The last time I saw Scott was in his swimming pool in Amberly before the tragedy that took Fred's life. Fred was kind and full of life and cared about people. Fred and Paula were proud of their children and loved their lives. Then the tragedy struck that changed everything. I am glad there is a memorial and that I stopped by to see it.

  4. I just happened on this site. Dr. Wolf was a mentor and a friend and a work out buddy at a health club in Swifton Shopping Center. He was the nicest gentleman who cared about people. The last time I saw his son Scott was in the swimming pool at his home in Amberly. Fred and Paula were proud of their children, and loved their life. Then tragedy struck. I am glad I got to see the memorial and visit for a bit.


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